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Who Cares Why I Started A Blog? Now Is The Time To Build One



by Josh Balerite Acol




why start a blog


Blogging… Blogger… Blog… Website… Blog posts… Have you any idea what do these words mean? Or simply put, do you have enough reasons why you should start a blog like the way I did?


When I first came up with them, honestly,  I had no exact notion of what they are and what do they certainly mean. But as time went on, I became so engrossed exploring about all of these mind-boggling coinages come what may and why are they building a blog of their own.


Unaware of what’s slowly building inside of me, I found myself reading captivating posts from an amazing website of a popular epic blogger then and why he decided to create a blog of his own.

And I was mesmerized by how it fascinated me and hooked me up digesting every word until the end.


Though its niche isn’t a fave of mine, I was magnetized by his story and the pictures he used to attract his readers.


It was then the beginning of why I was ardently dreaming of starting a blog of my own and becoming an extraordinary blogger of sorts. I wasn’t sure yet what kind of blogs I will create and how.


I became addicted to browsing the internet and following bloggers all around the web and every time I do meet one and read about him or her posts I was achingly hoping and wishing I could be one someday. Yes, I want to start a blog soon on my own, I kept telling myself.


Yes, I admit I am not an excellent writer, but I believe reading and writing constantly will soon hone my inert writing skills. Click To Tweet

(uh uh…I feel you are smiling secretly, dear soul)

Who else would encourage me more to do this than you?

And why are you staring through me intensely like that?

Are my reasons not enough why I should start my own blog?


  1. I know deep inside I have that power and skill to jump kick start a blog.                                                   
  2. Can you feel it in my blood slowly burning and circulating through my veins and vessels, and coming out of my epidermal skin surfaces?                                                                                           
  3. But I can sense it in my head oozing out through my cerebral hemispheres. (or is it true our minds have feelings?)                                                                                                                                       
  4. I can hear it deep inside my heart passing through my hyperactive arteries, incomparable to the deepest emotion a lover can feel for its beloved. Because for me, it lies deep within my immortal soul. Click To Tweet                                                                      
  5. It’s like a pack of specialized antibodies slowly multiplying inside my body ready to attack a bunch of loathsome antigens.                                                                                                                           
  6. And lo and behold! I feel like my blood is slowly going to a boil to ink down to write a word, nope, words, paragraphs, and posts, to give birth to a blog that would create a knowledge channel for its readers and visitors all… Click To Tweet            (O m g! Am I aspiring too much?!)                                                                                                         
  7. I want to become a writer, even just not a popular one but being simply an honest to goodness blogger, to exhaust all of my ideas, my life’s adventures, my heart’s content and all that I can to be of use to someone else if not to everyone. And that is, specifically you, dearest Soul.                         
  8. I know I can generate a lot of ideas given enough time.                                                                        
  9. I know I don’t have much knowledge about anything else in this world of disarray, but I do have an inkling of a certain topic or two that I can relate to my readers without batting an eyelash. (yay)          
  10. I know I have my own special skills to teach you, dear soul. (or do I really have one?) Please don’t mention about cooking for you, I mean, specifically, fry some tasty edibles as you will find out soon am so afraid of some hot cooking oil splashing out from the pan, dare me.                                           
  11. I admit I am not an extrovert but yes, I can be through writing. I do have a lot of life’s stories to tell about especially to you who’s eager to read and listen to me. These are life’s challenges that you can learn some valuable lessons, too.                                                                                                   
  12. I can give you distinct tips and proven secret tips to be in love fully, and halfheartedly like being so in love but ending to be a heartbroken one. (ouch!)                                                                               
  13. I do have some hobbies to share. Hobbies which for me are effective tools to enhance one’s life, and get some entertainment as we go on facing life’s difficulties in a world of stress, turmoil, and shabbiness.                                                                                                                                            
  14. Yes, I can be a good listener, too. You can talk to me through emails. Or by giving earnest replies and comments on my blog posts.                                                                                                           
  15. I can be your friend, not just a simple one but a BFBF, yes, I am your best friend blogger forever, that is, for life, dear Soul. Click To Tweet                                           
  16. I can be your soulful encourager to guide you through your life’s ups and downs.                                      

    And these I would certainly do through sharing with you some motivational, inspiring and happy quotes about:

  • life
  • love  
  • bravery
  • peace
  • happiness
  • hurdles
  • challenges  
  • people
  • lovers
  • even about side hustles at that, for instance. In addition, we will have to discover more of those soon.

But wait, dear me, I sincerely tell you I am not an expert one.  However, together we can be if you just bear with me please as I go on my journey in emerging as one.

Above all, I thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your precious time with me, sweet, old soul.

Hey! Don’t be mad.

Old just plainly meant, an old friend, like a long lost old, old friend I do thrillingly intend to meet again. Yes, I really mean it. Click To Tweet

How about you? Don’t you wanna build an amazing blog one now?  I am just here to guide you.




why start a blog



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