A Deep Dark Hole I Can’t Ignore

a deep dark hole
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A Deep Dark Hole I Can’t Ignore

by Josh Balerite Acol

|”Know the enemy and know yourself.  — Sun Tzu”

a deep dark hole
Photo by Akira Ojo on Unsplash

There’s a deep dark hole in my network,

incautiously consuming my peers

Is it somewhat a scary, creepy bug?

Is it likely a sneaky, crawling beast?

or probably a deadly phantom in a flash?

I sincerely wanna help in fixing it

Yet I have only one pair of swabbing hands

Right now I am feeling so exhausted;

All I ask is a breather or two,

Then we could have a fresh start once and for all.

Thus, be still, and keenly watchful,

You just might not know,

You are discreetly harboring it inside of you;

Promise me, dear, you will take much care;

This is the only way we can save each other.

NOTE:  This poem is originally published on the Written Tales page in my Medium Account

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This Cramming Madness

this cramming madness
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This Cramming Madness
by Josh Balerite Acol

|Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. -Pablo Picasso

this cramming madness
Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash


Got in a hill of a muddle,
and they’re oh so hard to handle;
See my sticky beads of grease?
Com’ on let out a banter!
How dare you stare at me like an ogre!

I know, I know I should be,
What I shouldn’t be today;
It’s just that I’m loathing this,
I feel scared and restless,
Can’t eat well and sleep.

Have forgotten my things
Can’t bear these damned loads of lumber
Numbing, clogging, pushing,
meddling me crazy.

Call me a thousand bad names
But you can’t always fool me
I know I ought to do this
A month or three early

I shouldn’t have felt this way,
I shouldn’t be having this rueful query,
“Will I just be a dum-dum body?
amidst this cramming insanity?”

NOTE:  This poetry is originally published in Written Tales Publication at Medium.


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My Deafening Egoic Self

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My Deafening Egoic Self

By Josh Balerite Acol

|My ego mumbles, my world crumbles…

my deafening egoic self
Image by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash




Rowdy rumbling echos

“You are a weakling…”

“You are ordinary”,

“No I am not!”

“Soon I will win!”

Life goes on, and on,

Into an endless pursuit,

You’ll never know why,

Or who you really are,

Unless you try.

So what for now?

Be content with what you got? or

Ignore everything that sparks?

And finally, kick your butt!

to face your doubts.

Should have done that

a long time ago

But isn’t it possible,

just now?

Isn’t every day a fresh new start?

Then, better do it pronto!

Or you’ll have a lifetime

grieving over it,

Crazily lamenting

the passing of time.

What matters most,

is being true to yourself.

Be bold.  Take risks.

It’s now,

Or never.

NOTE:  This short poetry is originally published at Written Tales Publication  on  Medium.

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