A Deep Dark Hole I Can’t Ignore

a deep dark hole
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A Deep Dark Hole I Can’t Ignore

by Josh Balerite Acol

|”Know the enemy and know yourself.  — Sun Tzu”

a deep dark hole
Photo by Akira Ojo on Unsplash

There’s a deep dark hole in my network,

incautiously consuming my peers

Is it somewhat a scary, creepy bug?

Is it likely a sneaky, crawling beast?

or probably a deadly phantom in a flash?

I sincerely wanna help in fixing it

Yet I have only one pair of swabbing hands

Right now I am feeling so exhausted;

All I ask is a breather or two,

Then we could have a fresh start once and for all.

Thus, be still, and keenly watchful,

You just might not know,

You are discreetly harboring it inside of you;

Promise me, dear, you will take much care;

This is the only way we can save each other.

NOTE:  This poem is originally published on the Written Tales page in my Medium Account

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