Defeat Stress in 20 Remarkable Ways

defeat stress in 20 remarkable ways
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By Josh Balerite Acol


defeat stress in 20 remarkable ways
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We always get the hang of it, that all things that make us feel awful and upset are stress. In addition, it is also the hardest time killer and even the talk of the town as the greatest “number one killer disease”.  Do you know why dear Soul? But don’t you know that not all stress is destructive?


Why wake up stressing, when waking up is a blessing. -Unknown Click To Tweet


Which of which is and do you know how to defeat stress in 20 remarkable ways?


First things first. I want to upskill you on some terms here about stress.


For all you know, things that cause stress are stressors.


This leads us to two kinds of stress:

1. Positive Stress, or the stress that affects you beneficially which is called Eustress.  This term is coined by a famous endocrinologist named Dr. Hans Selye, one of the pioneering scientists in the study of stress.


  •  gives an inspiring feeling

  • boosts our performance

  • short-lived or a temporary encounter

  • discerned as within our surviving ability to cope

  • feels thrilling or stimulating


2. Negative Stress or Distress is the one that gives harmful effects on your person.

  • weakens your bodily system

  • it is outside our surviving capability

  • maybe momentary or permanent

  • causes fear and worry

  • leads to the mental, physical, and behavioral adaptation to stressors

If you are currently undergoing the following positive stressors, fear not as not everybody shows the same reactions to varied situations. As for the following you may experience stress but only to a certain degree and may also cause enhancing actions:

1. Moving to a new home
2. Going on a vacation
3. Being pregnant
4. Having a promotion at work
5. Studying a new skill or learning online a new course
6. To join in marriage
7. Retiring from work


If you are experiencing one or two at the same time as the following symptoms, then, let’s face it, my dear old Soul, you ARE really, truly negatively stressed!

1. Feeling anxious due to some legal problem
2. Restless
3. Always up and about
4. Going and walking in circles
5. Feeling itchy in some parts of your skin and body
6. Feeling a heavy head, like having a severe migraine
7. Having high blood pressure
8. Sleepless nights or having insomnia often
9. “Stress eating” or overeating, called binging
10. The reverse of the above which is unable to eat due to overthinking
11. Having a painful stomach
12. Loose bowel movements
13. Cannot focus on your work
14. Fast heartbeat leading to hypo or hyperthyroidism
15. Indulging in sweets too often


The World Health Organization has recently issued a study about chronic stress which can lead to anxiety and depression.  This ailment is the primary problem in almost all parts of the world, and which can lead to an incurable disease, sudden death like cardiovascular attack due to high blood pressure.


I don’t know about you dear Soul, but, years ago, I have been one of the victims of this killer disease.


Cupid, the Roman God of love hit my heart with his famous arrow and paired with someone whom I think of as somebody who will be my “forever after”.  I devoted to him mostly 100% of my time, and through this process, haven’t noticed I keep forgetting to take care of myself. The moment I wake up each morning, he is the one occupying my mind first, and before I retire to bed at night, he is the last one on my mind.


Little did I know that one of those days are the last moments I will be hearing from him, as he suddenly vanished from my sight.

Because of this very sad fate, I find it hard to accept and adjust to it.

Unknowingly at first, I started experiencing itchiness all over my hands up to my fingertips.

Due to discomfort, I kept scratching and scratching until my skin hurts, tears, and small round watery blisters start forming. It is a good feeling to do the scratching all over you know, (oh yeah).

Thereafter, the blisters became painful wounds as the skin started to bleed due to my scratching.

Soon, I realized I am having watery, bleeding blisters all over which feels so painful that I have a hard time doing my daily tasks.

I am forced then to have a consultation with a Dermatologist, and he diagnosed me as suffering from Nummular Eczema.


defeat stress in 20 remarkable ways
Nummular Eczema / Nummular Dermatitis / Discoid Eczema


It is a skin disease originating from an unknown cause. Although it is not contagious, the person suffering from it may acquire bodily infections due to the exposed wounds caused by constant scratching, which may lead to death if untreated early.

Moreover, this skin disease is a very rare one, which is aside from hereditary reasons, some people are going through it who are constantly under pressure and stress.

My doctor is advising me to use an ointment for me to apply on the areas of my skin when I am enduring it, with accompanying oral antihistamines to induce me to sleep.

Because of this gloomy incident, I began to distance myself away from those who happen to admire and like me as I was afraid to fall in love and be heartbroken again (yay). 

I have fully recovered from this skin problem, but as the days passed when something triggers like I am in the middle of a nerve-wracking situation, I notice I am beginning to feel itchy again on some of my skin parts specifically at the back of my hands and fingers.

To alleviate my situation, I have learned how to conquer stress in my way. I have found hobbies that kept me busy. And I have personally learned to deviate my mind if I am sensing I am stressing again.

How about you? How are you coping with stress?



Remember, most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is. Adjust your attitude and all that extra stress is gone. - Unknown Click To Tweet


I want to share with you the following ways where you could defeat the negative stress. You can do it, Sniffles, yes!


1.  Reading books that occupy your mind and keeping you from overthinking about your present problem.

2. Doing a hobby you especially love.

Specifically singing, sketching, drawing, gardening, biking, driving, swimming, and a lot more, are just some of the wide-ranging lists.

3. Listening to music which uplifts your spirits especially the one you loved listening to often.

Do you notice your mood lightens, you feel creative, and just plain-old happy?

4. How about going with your loved ones and family, eating out, maybe once in a while.

5. Reading inspirational and motivational quotes.

Take the time to post a reminder or uplifting, inspiring words in places you can see often, like on your desk in your office, on your bedroom door where you can easily read the moment you wake up each day.

Or you can have it on your mobile’s main screen, or better yet, set an alarm, or a time where you gotta read an inspiring thought each day.

6. Talking to a guidance counselor or a professional psychologist.

7. Traveling to other places you haven’t been to.

8. Write out on paper every time something bothers you.

Devote some time to jot down on your personal stress writing journal what makes you angry, what troubles you, or one that simply bothers you.

9. Having an adult coloring book is something popular nowadays as distressing hobbies for stressed people like us.

10. Eating a favorite food or desserts, like ice cream, yogurt, or chocolates.

Sweets do stimulate our minds to combat stress, especially dark chocolate. As they say, you should treat “stressed” with its antidote that is, “desserts”, which coincidentally is stressed spelled in reverse?!

This one’s my fave, you know, dark choco, as I have noticed I feel fully awake every time I eat this. One concern though is, don’t ever let yourself indulge excessively as you may suffer from diabetes my dear…whew!


11. Talking your heart out with your BFF.

It helps if you have someone to confide with your hopelessness in life, your failures, and pain, your setbacks. You are lucky if you have found a punching bag in your BFF…😂

12. Getting yourself a planner to organize your life and consult with.

If possible, a bullet journal, an Ultimate Life Binder, or simply a Gratitude Journal, or an art journal.  More on this in my coming blog posts sweetie, as we will create one together.

13. Learning how to meditate is the most basic of all in developing your personality mindset to combat stress. 

There are several ways to do meditation.  Therefore, I am going to give you the best options I know sweetie.

Listening to music for relaxation like:

14. You should frequently browse the internet, especially through different social media to reequip yourself with the daily fuss of life.

Hence, you may soon find out, you will go nuts about it, especially if you meet new-found friends and like-minded individuals who may act as your accountability buddy.

15. Create a new relaxation time for yourself, as a sort of consolation.

Subsequently, you can treat yourself from time to time when you achieve something special. In addition, you can do a little bit of shopping for some new clothes and then dress up, show up and smile.


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16. Learning to love yourself first and have ample time to take good care of yourself, too.

I bet you will gonna love to pamper yourself like having a foot spa, or simply take a bath with warm, flowing water and has the smell of some nice lavender or jasmine-scented candles, which can do wonders a lot.

Lavender and jasmine possess stress-reducing properties.

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing to do.  Otherwise, how can you give love to others when you, your precious self need it?


Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. -Eleanor Brownn Click To Tweet



17. Guess what’s next on my list, sniffles? Yes, you guess it right, through exercise, of course.

You get to drive away those stress germs and will help you with depression, keeping you focused and stress-free all day. Physical fitness releases endorphins needed by our body to relieve stress. 

Now is the time to include it in your daily routine.

18. Always take time to pray and talk to God daily.

Entrust to Him all your worries and pain, and learn to be grateful for all the blessings He bestows on you every day. Certainly, this is the most important of all, that is, being truthful to our one and only creator. 



He heals the wounds of every shattered heart. -Psalm 147:3 Click To Tweet




Don't wait to pray until you need something. Pray and be thankful every day for your blessings. -Unknown Click To Tweet




19.  Declutter your environment and keep it a healthy one. 

In this way, spotless home or an immaculate place at work will aid you in your personal growth. Moreover, steering clear of things, places, and of course, people that stress you will also give you an advantage.

Consider it this way, dear Soul, stress at home, stress at work, plus stress within you, leads you to anxiety and depression. Who knows this will make your spirits so low, and then, kaboom! What a messy, loser You!

20.  Ultimately, it helps to have a daily affirmation.

This, in turn, will remind you that you are unique and you are special, too.  To sum it all, someone or somebody out there will love you as you are, the way you do, the way you look.



You are a masterpiece, handpicked by GOD. You are LOVED because you are a person with EXTREME VALUE and SIGNIFICANCE. -Unknown Click To Tweet



Maybe, you have other ways wherein you can beat stress in simple, marvelous ways, that aren’t here on my list.  Will you share it with me, Sweetie, by typing your comments below? Or better yet, share this post with your friends by clicking the share buttons.  Remember, sharing is caring.









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Combat An Illness? See Right Here

combat an illness
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Can You Combat An Unexpected Illness? See Right Here

By Josh Balerite Acol




combat an illness



Have you ever tried to combat an illness, amidst an untimely situation? You’d better read this.


I was then studying for my boards on my chosen Technology course. As I have decided to stay in a dorm while taking review classes, I had an unforgettable experience I would never ever forget.  

I am engrossing myself in my last week of review classes, and our boards are just a week away.  

To my dismay, I suddenly got ill!

I was having a high fever?! My body aches all over, from my arms to my lower extremities and particularly on my back. I am feeling cold and my head is damned so heavy. I asked myself, am I having the dreaded flu?


Oh no! This can’t be. I won’t let this engulf me, I am telling myself. How on earth this has happened? What about those weeks, months, years, I have spent studying and then reviewing for this course?

All my efforts should not be wasted. Nothing can stop me now.

I must combat this illness.

So desperate in getting well, and having no other means then, like, getting out and buying meds, or going home, I feel frantic and hopeless of recuperating quickly.


Furthermore, my budget is so tight, I could not definitely go home, I was telling myself. I could not let my parents know I am backing off, because I don’t want to frustrate them and my kins. How could I get rid of this unexpected sickness? What am I gonna do? 


Just then, an idea suddenly surfaced. I remembered reading a book about self-hypnosis and the powers of the mind back then. Perhaps, I could try it. I have nothing to lose.  Just this fckng disease! God help me.


HYPNOSIS - It simply gives you a way of accessing what you've always had control over and never took the time to access or train. Freedom begins in the mind.-Grace Smith Click To Tweet


At that moment, covering my whole body with layers of thick blankets, was my instant and last choice.


While I was lying down, I began meditating telling my body and thoughts to relax slowly and then deeply.

I began breathing calmly, focusing more until I was going to an altered state of consciousness.

Thus, I started envisioning all the antibodies inside my rotten, sick body.  



combat an illness



I was mentally programming my mind to communicate to them, getting them fully charged and began controlling them with a big, invisible remote control, telling them with all my might to attack any antigens they might encounter.

Of course, I was the only one who can hear my voice, intuitively.


I began ordering them to search, attack and destroy any aliens all throughout! Slowly, and going faster, like running on a treadmill, these words echoed to me.


Believe it or not, I am slowly feeling the war inside. I am having deep breaths and my body was wiggling and shaking, responding to each attack my antibodies make, while I am commanding them, “Aim, target, shoot and destroy!”


Like a mantra, I kept on shouting this injunction inside my head. And I can sense my body reacting so well.


All my immunoglobulins were doing like swirling, running, jumping and diving in all directions attacking, and destroying all toxins they can see. And I was kinda shaking, too! I don’t care what my roommate was thinking about me then.


All I am focusing on at that moment is to get rid of my illness. I firmly believe I will soon recover.

After an arduous ordeal,  for more than an hour or so,  my inner battle is slowly subsiding.


And I am taking long, long breaths as if I have been sprinting an entire 100 kilometer-marathon race.


It is just then I realize, my clothes are wet all over and my blanket, too. My hand reaches out to my forehead,  and I am wondering how it went to being light and refreshing. 

Previously, I was having chills and fever. But this time, everything around me is hot,  and I am perspiring.  


Yes, it is gone now!


When you feel like you're drowning in life, don't worry--your lifeguard walks on water.-Unknown Click To Tweet




Thank you so much dear God, You helped me in healing my sickness, by empowering my mind.


You see, who knows, our mind has extra potentials, only ourselves can discover. It is just waiting for us to control it the right way. Click To Tweet


You see, who knows, our mind has extra potentials, only ourselves can discover.  

It is just waiting for us to control it the right way.


Your story is the key that can unlock someone else's prison. Share your testimony.-Unknown Click To Tweet


How to combat an ailment when you have no choice


I know this story of mine is unfathomable. But, I believe, someone, somewhere out there, needs desperate help like what I have encountered in my life.

I hope and pray this can inspire him or her, too, a lot!


Just believe in yourself, dear Soul. Be confident enough that you can do it.


Couple it with prayers, and sprinkle with an unwavering dash of faith in God, and yes, you got it, anything is possible! Click To Tweet



Will you please help me share this with others too, who need help? Kindly click the social media buttons below and there you go. I will be very much grateful, dear Soul.






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